Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A few more stops

My virtual tour ends this week, and I've had so much fun visiting all the different blogs and interacting with readers. Your enthusiasm has made all the difference; and The Last Queen trade paperback has gone into a second printing. Thank you!!

This week, I have new reviews at Book Addiction and Book Faery Reviews; Book Connection interviewed me; and Epic Rat and Cafe of Dreams are featuring my guest posts. Stay tuned for a new review at Cafe of Dreams, followed by my last stop at Book Lover.

It's been a truly marvelous tour; I want to say a special thank you to my friend Dorothy Thompson and her terrific team at PumpUpYourBookPromotion for their tireless work putting the tour together. And once again I must thank all the bloggers who so generously contributed their time and enthusiasm. In an era of dwindling marketing dollars, the book blogging world is a haven and I sincerely appreciate every blogger out there who, often without pay or major media recognition, work so hard to keep the flame of reading alive.
De todo corazon, gracias.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

And the tour goes on . . .

This week, my tour continues with terrific reviews at The Bluestocking Society, Popin's Lair, and a feature on The Last Queen's different covers, followed by a review and guest post at The Epic Rat. I also have a review on Marta's Meanderings. Tonight, I'm at Clayton Books in Clayton, California at 7 pm, so if you're in the Bay Area, please stop by.

Again, I wanted to extend a warm thank you to all the bloggers hosting my tour. It's been a delight to interact with you and your readers; I truly appreciate your time, effort, and passion for books.

Have a great Memorial Day weekend, everyone! More on Monday, when I'll be visiting several more stops as the tour winds down.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Tour Update

I wanted to say a very special thank you to Meghan at Medieval Bookworm for hosting me during my virtual tour. Today she posted a great interview with me and on Friday she'll post a review. Like so many bloggers, Meghan did not know me before she was approached to be a part of this tour, yet she took to the book with passion; her generosity and enthusiasm really make a difference in my ability to reach out to readers.

I also wanted to thank the lovely Kim Smith at Introducing Authors for interviewing me today on her radio show. Kim is so warm, she makes you feel right at home; I had a great time with her. An author herself, Kim has a very interesting assortment of guests, too. So please visit her to listen to my interview and many others.

Tomorrow, I'll be visiting Jo-Jo Loves to Read and This Book For Free; a huge thank you in advance to these bloggers for their time and effort. On Friday I'll be at BookGirls' Nightstand. Please stop by if you can!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Next Lap on the Tour

My virtual tour continues apace, with a few physical bookstore stops along the way.

On May 7, I visited Books, Inc. in Palo Alto and on May 10, I was at Orinda Books. Both stores now have signed copies of The Last Queen for sale.

On May 11, Ramya's Bookshelf posted a lovely review, as did A Girl Walks into a Bookstore. I also got a marvelous review at The Book Connection. Thank you to these dedicated and generous bloggers for hosting me on my tour.

Tomorrow, May 13, I'm interviewed over at Medieval Bookworm and on Blog Talk Radio, so hope to see you there!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

The Tour: An Update

The tour is going splendidly; it's always so much fun to meet readers online. I owe an enormous debt of gratitude to the blogging community; in this current climate, promoting a book can be very challenging and bloggers have made all the difference. Their generosity, passion, and wit are a writer's godsends, and they're all getting jewelry when I'm rich and famous! :) On a bummer note, I did have to cancel my Goodreads chat on May 8 due to an unforeseen veterinary appointment for my dog, but otherwise I got a terrific review over at the rather sexy Night Owl Romance Book Reviews site (just click on the logo above) and I'm on track.

Here's where I've been:

On May 4, I started at Historical Tapestry with a guest post. It was followed up with a review and a fun look at the different covers for THE LAST QUEEN. Marg runs such a classy blog; her initimable style and devotion to historical fiction are apparent in every well designed section of her opulent salon. She made me feel right at home. Thank you, Marg!

On May 5, I visited The Burton Review with a guest post and a review. Marie is such fun; her blog rocks, literally, and she's been one of my most enthusiastic supporters, following me on my tour and commenting on every stop. Her review of my book is one of my best, so thank you, Marie!

On May 5, I also visited the snazzy A Bookish Mom, with a very nice review, thank you! And I guest posted on Carol Fitzgerald's venerable about how books can transform readers and writers. Carol has been a wonderful supporter, and featured me in a Historical Fiction Author spotlight last year for the hardcover at BookReporter. com.
Thank you, Carol!

On May 6, I visited Passages to the Past with a guest post and a giveaway. Amy is a historical fiction writer's dream: she sparkles with her passion for the genre, and she's so generous with her time. Amy always has something new and exciting to post, and her blog is truly lovely, a blue-drenched fantasy of flowers and mouth-watering book covers; I could have stayed all month. Thank you, Amy!

Today May 7 and tomorrow May 8, I'm at the intellectually stimulating Savvy Verse and Wit with a guest post and a 2-book giveaway. Giveaways entail a good amount of work on the part of the blogger and I want to extend a special heartfelt thanks to Serena. Plus, any blog with a picture of a dude with a dog on his back is my kind of place, so I hope you'll stop by and join us.

More later, as I continue my whirlwind tour of the internet!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

THE LAST QUEEN trade paperback!

The Last Queen will be released in trade paperback on May 5, 2009. I'm very excited about this new edition; as a Random House Readers Circle selection, it has a brand-new cover, Q&A, and reader group discussion questions. And trade paperbacks are more affordable - always a plus in today's economic climate! I'll be reading and signing at various Bay Area locations in May; to find out where I'll be, visit my website and click the News link.

I'll also be on a virtual tour on the web, visiting various blogs. On May 4, I'm at Historical Tapestry with a guest post about why I love writing about the Renaissance. You can follow my tour on the link in the sidebar of this blog; please join me if you can!

UPDATE: I'm really sorry but I have to re-schedule my online chat at Goodreads on May 8 for another day. Unfortunately my dog appears to have sprained her leg and I need to get her to the vet tomorrow. So, I'll try to re-schedule soon.

I'll post periodic updates from my tour here, so please stay in touch.