Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Hi all,

Coming up for a brief gulp of air before I return to Planet Catherine. 150 pages cut and counting. THE LAST QUEEN is coming out in seven days and it's been a bit mad at my house:) Lots of blog interviews and reviews coming in, which is terrific, as this apparently demonstrates there's interest in the book. I'm getting nervous and excited, though I'm told a book launch day can be the most eerily silent day an author will experience. I can see that: I mean, books appear at stores but I'm not there - though I do plan to hit my local stores just to see it on the shelves.

Also, here's the book video trailer I shot in LA. It's now on YouTube. I think it turned out great:


J.M. Aucoin said...

Great trailer. Loved the music (very ominous).

I'm curious, beyond your blog and web site (and people sending the link out to friends), what do you and your publishers do with the video?

Daphne said...

Very nice! By the way, my ARC from the book contest arrived today - although it actually appears to be a copy of the book as it will be sold in stores and is not marked in any way as an ARC. Even better! I'm looking forward to re-reading the book and seeing what changes you made.

C.W. Gortner said...

Hi Justin: The video is a promotional tool; apparently, book videos are all the rage these days. It gets uploaded to book sites, online stores, sometimes even newspaper sites, like USA Today online. I guess they must generate interest and sales, because I can't imagine they're cheap to produce for publishers.

Hi Daphne, Yes, all copies now being sent out via the contests are the actual book. I think the book looks lovely; they changed the black border to red, which is more enticing. Enjoy! I'm looking forward to hearing what you think about it when you're done, especially as you read the first version.

J.M. Aucoin said...

Cool. May it bring you plenty of readers. :-)

Lezlie said...

Very nice video!

I only have a few chapters left, and I'm hoping to finish The Last Queen tonight. I'm *loving* it!! I can't wait to see your next book!

Books 'N Border Collies

Sandra Gulland. said...

That's a fantastic video, Chris!



Julianne Douglas said...

Excellent trailer, Christopher! I normally don't like book trailers, but this one has a professional polish and is a good mix of factual and fictional content. The woman who read from your prologue did a wonderful job.

May it bring you many sales!

J.M. Aucoin said...

Happy Birthday, btw.

C.W. Gortner said...

Thank you all for your kind comments about the book, the trailer, and the birthday wishes! It's been a wonderful experience to meet all of you via this blog - definitely one of the highlights of being a writer! As July 29 edges closer, having contact with you keeps me grounded. My partner, Paris and I are off to the Sierra for the weekend to hike; I'm also going to dig in at night and hopefully finish my tyrannical Madame Catherine. Just 50 pages more to cut . . . I'll check in next week.

Have a safe weekend, everyone!

Bearded Lady said...

Hi, I just discovered your blog last week and I am loving it. Your book looks really intersting and I can't wait to read it.

I have a book coming out soon too (it's for the younger crowd)and it covers rumors in history. My editor cut out the section on "Juana La Loca" and the myth of her supposed madness and I was so disappointed. Anyway, I feel a strong affinity to Joanna because I do think she is much maligned by history.

Ari (Baking and Books) said...

Hi there! Just wanted to say that I read "The Last Queen" about a year ago and absolutely loved it. I'm glad that your book is receiving so much publicity lately and envy readers who are able to enjoy your story for the first time.

I hope you come out with another book soon! I'm looking forward to it.

Ari (Baking and Books)

Sarah Bower said...

Christopher, very best of luck with the launch. I hope the book does really well for you.

C.W. Gortner said...

Wow. Thank you to all! Bearded lady, your book sounds interesting too. I'm not surprised your Mad Juana section got the axe; but yes, that's disappointing :)

Ari, I saw your review. Thank you so much; it's lovely. I also hope the new revised version and extra publicity can help propel the book to a wider audience.

Sarah, thank you! I just finished Book of Love. Fantastic!