Tuesday, September 23, 2008

THE HERETIC QUEEN has arrived!

I wanted to take a moment to announce the publication of my friend Michelle Moran's second historical fiction novel set in ancient Egypt, THE HERETIC QUEEN. Michelle and I met via an online forum; her first novel NEFERTITI had hit the national bestseller list and I was searching for ways to expand my online promotion of THE LAST QUEEN. She offered to interview me on her blog, and was both extraordinarily gracious and generous with her advice. Since then, she's consistently offered me support, proving writers can be friends in the best sense of the word. I'm meeting her in person when I go to LA this week and I can't wait. I'm also going to interview her here, just as soon as I finish reading her new novel, which is truly exquisite.

Please join me in celebrating this talented historical fiction writer and good friend!


Marg said...

Can't wait to hear about your meet up with Michelle.

Michelle Moran said...

Thank you so much Christopher. I'm really looking forward to meeting up in LA, even if we can't go shoe shopping together ;] And anyone who will be close to West Hollywood must come to see Christopher at the Book Fair on Saturday.

Lezlie said...

I wish I could go to that meeting! You're both so wonderful! Perhaps I could provide singing entertainment? :-)

Books 'N Border Collies
a/k/a Diva

Michelle Moran said...

I would pay good money for that, Lezlie!!!

C.W. Gortner said...

Oh, me too. Then we all could go shoe shopping (and throw in a bookstore or ten for good measure!)

Lezlie said...

If there is a good place to pick up more platform boots, count me in for sure! :-)


mach1231 said...

So I figure from reading this someone found some heels that made for some good conversation :), alas I am probably not the only one watching for future developments.. purely out of curiosity

C.W. Gortner said...

Oh, we never made it to the stores! But Michelle, Karen Essex, Robin Maxwell and I all met face-to-face at Michelle's signing at Pasadena and it was such fun to see them! I brought all my copies of their books from San Francisco for them to sign, too. Robin unfortunately had to drive home early (she lives a distance away) but Michelle, her husband, Karen and I went out for drinks. We laughed, talked up a storm and closed the place down.

A marvelous trio of ladies: terrific writers and a blast to spend time with. If we'd gone shoe shopping, we'd have ended up in the papers, I'm sure :)