Sunday, November 15, 2009

Book Trailer Sunday: THE GREATEST KNIGHT by Elizabeth Chadwick

So, I've been mired in reading my first-pass pages for The Confessions of Catherine de Medici. These are the actual typeset pages of the book, still unbound; basically, this is my final opportunity to correct typos, editorial inconsistencies, etc. and of course I'm finding far more of these than I'd thought there would be (amazing what typesetting will reveal!)

In the meantime, I missed last week's book trailer Sunday, as I'd just landed back in the US after 10 days in Guatemala. I'll post trip pics soon, but for now I'm delighted to feature the trailer for Elizabeth Chadwick's latest release in the US, The Greatest Knight. I think this is a very dynamic and dramatic trailer that fits the book's subject perfectly. Enjoy!


Elizabeth Chadwick said...

ooh, thanks Christopher,

I still think it needs improving, but it was such fun to make. I do enjoy fiddling with Movie-maker - given the time!
Hope your proofs are being kind to you, but you are so right about typos and fixits leaping out at you. I'm proofing my latest at the moment.

D.M. McGowan said...

Aren't those typos a riot? And after you've had an editor go through it, you go through it (find more), take a look at the proofs (find more and a few you thought you had changed), get one of the first few off the press ... and there are more. Aahhh!

C.W. Gortner said...

Oh, gosh, yes! I have about 70 pages left and the typos seem to be everywhere. I need to get it all back by 12/1 so I'm going to double-check the ms. this weekend, in case I missed anything. And I must say, thank the gods for my fellow authors who kindly agreed to endorse the novel: they pointed out several typos I'd not seen even during this proofing stage. I feel as though the moment I set the pages aside, the typos start having cocktails and reproducing :)