Monday, January 24, 2011

New reviews for THE TUDOR SECRET

Three new reviews in for THE TUDOR SECRET, plus I just found out the Historical Novel Reviews has chosen the book as a February Editors' Choice title. Very exciting!

From Romantic Times: "Even Tudor fans who know the main players and historical backdrop will be captivated . . . [Gortner] juxtaposes his naive and loyal hero with the cruel Robert Dudley, enhancing the plot and grabbing reader interest as much as the quick pace and lush historical references. This novel is both entertaining and thoughtful." (Reviewer: Kathe Robin)

From Night Owl Reviews: "C.W. Gortner always does a wonderful job bringing historical characters to life, and The Tudor Secret is no less entertaining . . .filled with intrigue, danger and royal secrets, Gortner has created a book that will delight fans." (Reviewer: Danya)

From Biblioklept: "A tightly-plotted, quick-paced read, stuffed with animated historical characters buzzing around in a world of espionage and intrigue."

Only a few days left until publication! My schedule of blog tour stops are online here.


Jenna Wallace said...

Very exciting indeed! Can't wait!

Becky said...

Just in time! I am just wrapping up a really great titled, "The Scorpion's Bite" by Aileen G. Baron... a great historical fiction set in the Middle East during WW II... such an incredible story. It is great to know that there will be some great books waiting for me shortly once I have finished!

Anastacia said...

I cannot wait to read this! Thank you so much for sending me a review copy, i can't wait to get in my grubby little hands!

FurryReaders said...

I am not sure where to ask this so if this is not the right place, I hope someone correctly directs me. I have finally been able, after a 5+ years search, to get my hands on the first publication of 'The Tudor Secret'. It is the Heliographica trade edition titled 'The Secret Lion'. I have waited this long and with the new release coming out in a matter of days, which edition would Christopher suggest I read first?