Sunday, October 19, 2014

THE TUDOR VENDETTA releases on Tuesday, October 21

Fall is an exciting time in publishing, as we near the holiday season and many of us escape the stress of shopping and parties bytudor vendetta 3 curling up with a book. I'm delighted to announce that The Tudor Vendetta, my third and final book in The Elizabeth I Spymaster Trilogy (Elizabeth's Spymaster in the UK) will be released by St Martin's Press in the US on October 21 and by Hodder & Stoughton in the UK on October 23, with several foreign-language editions scheduled to follow.

It is November, 1558. Elizabeth I has claimed the throne, but the first days of her reign are already fraught with turmoil, the realm weakened by strife and her ability to rule uncertain. When Brendan Prescott, her intimate spy, returns to court at her behest, he soon finds himself thrust into a deadly gambit against his foe, Robert Dudley. But the new queen has an even more perilous assignation for him when her trusted lady-in-waiting, Lady Parry, vanishes in Yorkshire. Sent from court to a crumbling manor that may hold the key to Lady Parry's disappearance, Brendan becomes the quarry of an elusive stranger with a vendetta - one that could expose both Brendan's secret and a long-hidden mystery that will bring about Elizabeth's doom.
UK tudor-vendetta 2
Booklist calls The Tudor Vendetta "action-packed palace intrigue at its best" and Romantic Times praises its evocation of "Elizabeth's England in all its glory." I've loved taking this journey into Tudor England, which began nearly fourteen years ago when I first had the idea to write about a fictional squire with a secret past, who finds himself plunged into momentous events preceding the reign of the Tudor dynasty's most accomplished and enigmatic sovereign. The Spymaster Trilogy is as much about Elizabeth's early struggles and canny ability to wield power even when she had none, as it is about the young man who devotes himself to her service, risking everything to see her triumph. Exploring many vibrant personalities of the time - William Cecil, Francis Walsingham, Robert Dudley, and Mary I - as well as Brendan's fictional friends and foes has been a true delight. I hope you enjoy this final installment as much as I have writing it, and I thank you from my heart for your support and enthusiasm during this three-volume adventure into England's tumultuous Renaissance past. 

I'll be on virtual tour for The Tudor Vendetta from October 20 to November 28. To catch up with me, please click here.


Joan said...

Mr Gortner,

I have just finished The Tudor Secret & loved every minute of it. Can hardly wait to get ahold of the next 2 in the series. I've now read 3 of your novels & love your writing. I find you insightful, sensitive, & wonderfully creative & poetic. This coming from a very picky reader who has come into the world of historical fiction late in life & read only the best out there, as authenticity & brilliant writing are very important to me. My guide to great reading is Sharon Kay Penman. I look forward to reading all your novels.

A very grateful reader,

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