Monday, June 1, 2009

Meet My Agent

Though she tends to shy away from limelight, my agent Jennifer Weltz is my most stalwart supporter and champion; without her, I would never have sold a book! She convinced me to get back into the submission game and she put her expertise to work for me. She's also a no-nonsense critic and inspiring editorial colleague.

Jennifer was interviewed today on Guide to Literary Agents and she offers up some judicious insight into the publishing business, writing, querying, etc. Check it out!


Justin Aucoin said...

Great interview. Thanks for sharing. I'm bookmarking that link as soon as I get home for future reference.

Sounds like you have a great agent on your side. :-)

Shoshana said...

I am so thrilled that she's your stalwart champion. The Last Queen is too beautiful a story not to be shared with every one!

My mother's reading your book now.

Shoshana(this book for free)

C.W. Gortner said...

Glad this ia helpful, Justin.

Thanks, Shoshana! Your kind praise means a lot to me. I hope your mom enjoys it :)