Sunday, October 25, 2009

Book Trailer Sunday: Jeri Westerson's Medieval Noir Series

Nowadays, every author is being asked to have a book trailer. Sometimes the publisher pays for it; more often, the author does. Book trailers are absolute requirements for marketing, we're told, yet to date, no one - not the authors nor the publishers - are quite sure just how effective these audio-visual tools really are. I don't have any new insights to offer (though I do have a fantastic book trailer for THE LAST QUEEN) but I have decided that after so many authors go through so much effort and expense to get these trailers made, the least I can do is share them with my blog readers. So, I'm going to start a new feature here on Historical Boys called Book Trailer Sunday, in which I'll post my favorite book trailers, hopefully to incite more of us to watch these often marvelously inventive videos, and then go out and get the book!

This week, I'm featuring Jeri Westerson's splendid new video for her Crispin Guest Medieval Noir series. Enjoy!!


Marg said...

Love that image of the two books together! I know I have seen both covers, but I don't remember seeing how well they tie together before now!

Nice short, to the point trailer.

Daphne said...

What a great idea for a feature. And I'm definately looking forward to the trailer for your upcoming book!

Heather J. said...

I love this idea - can't wait to see the trailers! I HAVE been influenced by them to read (or not read) certain books, so I guess I'm the right audience. :)

C.W. Gortner said...

Good to know! Thanks for your comments. I often wonder if these trailers are effective, if they truly influence the decision to read a book (or not). I'm looking forward to seeing how we feel about future trailers. I must admit, it's been fun scouting them out!

Irish said...

I love book trailers! I find them addicting and have bought a few books because of them. It also looks like we hit on the same idea at around the same time. I started a Book Trailer Monday feature on my blog back in early Oct. =)


Also looking forward to your book on Catherine Medici...I loved The Last Queen!