Friday, October 16, 2009

A Plea for Our Wolves

Once again, I appeal to all of you to help us stand up for wolves in America.

From Defenders of Wildlife:
Yellowstone National Park’s famous Cottonwood Pack has just been destroyed - all the adult wolves have been killed and the surviving pups will likely die without their wolf family. These are just some of the latest victims of the federal government’s likely illegal decision to eliminate vital protections for our wolves in Greater Yellowstone and the northern Rockies. Please sign Defenders of Wildlife's petition and urge Interior Secretary Ken Salazar to immediately take action to restore protections for these amazing animals.The next few weeks will be crucial for wolves in the Greater Yellowstone region. The future of wolves in the northern Rockies is at a crossroads and it will take the voices of caring wildlife supporters to make a difference.

I just signed Defenders' petition to Secretary Salazar and I hope you will, too. Because for me, a world without wolves is a terrible thing to contemplate.
(Image courtsey of First People)


lizzy J said...

I signed this one did you do the wild horses one too?

C.W. Gortner said...

Thanks, Lizzy! Yes, I did sign the wild horses one. I sign at least one to two a day. I think it's very important that our elected officials ("elected" being the jey word) understand how we feel about these issues.

The killing of wolves this year has truly been atrocious. So far, I've been extremely disappointed in the Obama Administration's ongoing mismanagement of our federal parklands and wild spaces. I'm hoping it'll change.

Ronnie said...

I have been grieving for the gray wolves that Mr. Obama has turned over to his cattle rancher friends for slaughter, just like he did for the wild mustangs that is now dog food. Are their no investigative reporters anymore. What is Mr. Obama's connection to cattle ranchers, why does he owe them favor like this. Where are the left-wing animal advocacy groups. Why no out-cry. I really am grieving for the wolves I love.